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For Katherine’s Christmas present this year, I commissioned an artist on Etsy to paint Cameo. I’ve been waiting this long for her to sit down near enough to the painting to get a picture with both of them in it, but it finally happened :-).

The artist is Rachel Parker, she was fantastic to work with and it’s wonderful (if supremely dorky) to have an original piece of art devoted entirely to my favorite cat in the world.

Caaaammeeeooo I love you

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How It Felt

In which John makes a video for future John, future Hank, and future Katherine about what happened at the 2012 Tour de Nerdfighting and how it felt. Thanks to everyone who came out for the tour this year, to all the awesome independent bookstores and theaters that hosted us, and to the nice nerdfighter who held the camera.

Reblogging this moments after finishing the last event of the Tour de Nerdfighting. I am so excited to go home to my family, but I will miss Hank and Katherine and Elyse and Juli and the TFiOS van so much, and I want to thank everyone for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If I said I’ll remember it forever, Hazel would point out that forever is an incorrect concept. But I hope to be able to remember it for a long time.

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